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Every Alaskan is unique—and so are each of our healthcare needs. The Pacific Health Coalition provides innovative, private sector healthcare solutions to more than 250,000 people across the Pacific Northwest, with 110,000 people covered in Alaska alone.

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About Pacific Health Coalition

Established in 1995, the Pacific Health Coalition represents 45 participating plans, comprised of 250,000 individuals across the Pacific Northwest — with 110,000 people covered in Alaska alone. PHC’s member health plans represent a variety of Alaskans, including firefighters, health care workers, teachers, and engineers. For Alaskans, by Alaskans. That’s the Pacific Health Coalition.

Need a reason to join? Here are three:

The Pacific Health Coalition works to provide high quality care at a lower cost for its members by negotiating better rates with area hospitals, provider groups, and prescription drug service providers. To ensure the best rates, PHC also provides a variety of programs for its members, including near-site health clinics, health fairs, and physical therapy services. In 2017, PHC saved its member plans nearly $400 million through its innovative approach to healthcare.  

The Pacific Health Coalition is voluntary, member-funded, and advocates in the best interests of its member plans. Member plans don’t have to participate in all the programs PHC offers, allowing them the flexibility to choose programs that meet their employees’ needs. PHC provides high quality options so member plans are assured that their employees’ healthcare needs are taken care of.

The Pacific Health Coalition seeks out innovative healthcare solutions for its member plans by negotiating agreements with providers that lower costs and ensure the best possible options to meet your needs.